Legacy Society Members

WHRO Public Media established the Legacy Society in 1998 to celebrate and thank those individuals who share our vision to educate, entertain and enlighten the citizens of Eastern Virginia and the entire Commonwealth of Virginia. With your support of WHRO through planned giving you help in the production and distribution of important and impactful local, national and educational content improving the civic, educational and cultural life of those who are touched by WHRO services.

Should you choose to include WHRO Public Media in your will or other estate plans, we would be honored to know of your intentions and include you as a member of the WHRO Legacy Society.

Members of the Legacy Society will be recognized in our publications and on this website (both, with permission) and will also receive special event invitations as our special guests.

Leadership Circle members share WHRO's vision of excellence and understand that financial participation at the leadership level is vital for WHRO to continue providing the best educational and broadcast services to our region. Thank you for leading the way!

The WHRO Legacy Society

Anonymous (21)

Ellen Q. Acree*

Tom Ammons

Bill* and Happy Anderson

Wendell Applegate

Bettis Bailey

Carol E. Ballingall*

Rebecca E. Barchas, M.D. and John A. Gehrs*

Vern and Nancy Barham

Mr. Stanley T. Beadle

Dorothy G. Beale*

Neva Beierle

Carter G. Bernert

Dr. Gail Beyer and Dr. S. Keith Sutton

Christina Birdsong

Muriel W. Bonney*

Kitty Bosher

Jane Elizabeth Peck Boush*

Carl Boyd

Ed and Linda Bradley

Jon Brage

David Brashear

Regina and Samuel Brayboy

Joe T. Brinkley, Jr.*

Robert E. and Roslyn G. Brown*

Dianne Burcher

Cornell Burcher*

Tom and Janet Burton

Mr. and Mrs. Craig N. Canning

Edward Allen Carter, Jr.*

John L. Chase*

Robert and Ann Clapp*

Dr. Richard F. Clark*

Lynn Cobb and Warren Richard

Mr. and Mrs. I.V. Cohen*

Arthur and Paula Collins

Mr. Lorenz Connelly, Jr.

Elaine Cooper

Katherine C. Cotten-Meunier

Joe and Janet Covington

Page and Virginia Cranford

Dorothy Croslin

Robert and Debra Cross

Roger and Judy Cross

Derek P. Curran

Cynthia Cutler and Craig Haines

Cecelia Dawe-Gillis

Richard and Isi Dawson

Ann and Gale Day

Jane B. Dickson*

Dr. Carl R. Dolmetsch*

Mary Catherine Dowrick*

Catherine Dycus*

Emmett F. Dyer*

Gray and Debra Edwards

Billie Paxton Einselen

Debbie Eliason

Richard and Eleanor* Evans

Dwight L. Farmer

Betty R. Farr*

Nolan R. Fine*

Eric and Mary Ann Foell*

Ms. Vivian F. Forman

Mrs. Linda Founds*

Kay and Robert Fowler*

Eileen A. Daugharty Francis*

Jane Frazier

Dr. and Mrs. Gil Frey

Dr. and Mrs. Harry M. Frieden*

Les and Rusty Fry*

Stanley and Jeri Furman

Norma Bloxom Gates*

Janice Gates

Beverly E. Golemba, Ed.D.*

Bob L. Goodwin*

H. Carlyle Gravely

Priscilla L. Guthrie

Phyllis Mary Hale*

Fay Halpern*

Jimmie P. Hancock*

John and Lynn Heimerl

Dr. Angela Herring

Joe and Berna Heyman

Cope Hiemenz

Karen Hines

Barbara Jean Overman Hodge*

Lillian S. Hoehlein*

Buzzy and Jo Ann Hofheimer

Mrs. Constance B Hoskinson

Paula Hougen

Martha Carr Huddleston*

Pela Hundley*

Frank and Nancy Hunyady

Pamela S. Hyatt*

Robert Kevin Hyatt*

Mr. Edward H. Inge

Harry Jackson, Jr.

Bernard Jaffe*

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Jason

The Rev. Connie Jones

Daniel S. and Ingrid D. Jones*

Rosalie Kachadorian*

Miss Eleanor Kanter*

Kirkland Molloy Kelley

David Kennedy, Jr.*

Barbara A. Kerr

John-Michael *and Beverly King*

Dr. C. Louise Kirk*

Doris Ekelund Kocher*

Anne Koren

Edward and Anne Kramer

Michael Kurkowski

Victoria LaBombarde

Carolyn P. Lackey*

Anne and Keith Lansley

Robert A. Lefevre*

Rosalind Vera Leitman*

Ernest and Etta Lendman

Mr. Mark Lesley*

Barbara Lester*

Charles B. Levitin*

Dr. Ed and Linda Lilly

Louise M. Lister*

Tessa* and Al Louer

Robert* and Jean Major

Dorothy Anne Wallace Marshall*

Eleanor Marshall*

Joanne* and Jim McClellan*

Melissa McLeod, M.D.

Ms. Anne L McRae*

Carole A. Meola

Miriam B. Meredith

Mrs. Berit T. Mesarick*

Betty Miller*

Dawson* and Peggy Mills

Ula and Janne Motekat*

Tom* and Alice Mountjoy

Dr. Herbert H. Neisser*

Gayle Nichols

Susan and Johnny Norman

Dr. James Nottingham

Jean C. Old*

Alex and Libbey Oliver

Rev. and Mrs. Clifford Olsen

Cynthia J. Pare'

Beverley Parrish

Ross* and Sylvia Payne

Sharon L. Payne

Margaret Perdue*

Mrs. Cary A. Petzinger

The Honorable Otis G. Pike*

Peggy and Barry Pollara

Harry and Nancy Purkey

Charles D. Rafkind*

Robert Ramsdell and Roger Moore

Thelma S. Roberts*

Gary C. Robertson*

Alan M. Rohanna

Mr. and Mrs. W. Duke Rosenberg, Jr.

Dr. Robert M. Rubin

Anne Craig Rusmisell*

William and Leona Schaeffer*

Gary* and Barbara Schechter

Bert Schmidt

Robert and Jean Schonk*

Roger and Susan Schultz

Al and Kim Schweizer

Robert and Donna Scott

Steven and Ruina Senkovich

Ms. Carol W. Sherman

Win Short

Dr. William "Si" Simonson

Dr. Patricia E. Sloan

Ed and Jean Snyder*

Margaret "Peg" Stalnaker

Bette C. Stant*

Dr. Nathan Stolow*

Anna Zepht Stone*

Samuel G. Strickland

Daniel A. Swanson

Max S. Taback*

Mary Lee Tayloe*

Bill and Anne Tew

Dr. Elaine M. Themo

Mary Jane Thornton Allen*

Dale and Kim Van Eck

Ann L. Dearsley Vernon*

Frances Vick*

Grant Walner*

Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Warso

Elizabeth Baumeister Watson*

Sam and Jane Webster

Janet C. Whitehead*

Lucile Wiley*

Marsha Lynn Wilkins

James M. Willcox*

Roger Williams and Darlene Martin

Barbara L. Williams*

Captain and Mrs. Patrick Wright

Debbie Ybarra

Evangeline Yoder

Elizabeth Young

Kate and Steve Zacks


Consider joining the community of people who want public television and radio to span generations by including WHRO in your will. For more information call Dory Morrison at (757) 889-9477 or email dory.morrison@whro.org.